Monday, April 4, 2016

Knowing Who you are and why it matters.

Knowledge is power.

Lets say their was a check written out to you for a large sum. 
It was never sent to you, but rather it sat there on a desk.

On the desk it just a piece of paper with writing on it, 
but in your possession its way more valuable, why?

Two reasons 
1. It’s for large sum of money
2. It has your name on it.  

That means that you and you alone have the authority cash this check.

What if I told you their was a check with your name on it and 
that it is not only your job to locate the check, but cash it as well.

Knowing Who you are and why matters.

Everyday more and more people either lose or never come to realize 
who they are and the authority they have in their lives. 

These are people who sit back and watch life pass them by, 
these are people who give up on their goals, desires and dreams, 
who allow negative people and circumstances to dictate the course of their lives.

The problem is most people have is that they either don’t know how to access
 their authority or even worse, they don’t know they have it.

Sure, life happens, we cant stop it, but we can learn how to overcome 
negative situations, heal from negative circumstances and live a 
life of peace, joy, satisfaction, prosperity and health, in all abundance, in every area of life.

Today, I would like to give you a glimpse of who you are, 
as well as your authority to navigate through life by sharing with you some truths.

You are not your circumstances.
You are not your situations.
You are not your habits.
You are not your past.

Every aspect of you was divinely designed with the utmost love and care.
There isn't one ounce of your persona that isn't adored.
All your goals, desires, intentions are all carefully taken under consideration at all times.
There are more thoughts about you than there is sand on the shore.

You are the child of a King.
As the child of a King you have certain rights and privileges that you are entitled to.

You are/have/can:

Far from oppression.
Do all things.

There is nothing out of reach or to far off that you cannot attain or accomplish, 
all you have to do is access it.

Knowing who you are changes things, situations and circumstances, 
knowing your authority changes everything, with you at the center.

Its time to assume your authority as architect and designer of your life.
Its time to work, love and live your life in your authority.
Its time for you to know who you truly are in your authority.

If you have questions about your authority please let me know by 
leaving a comment or follow this blog.
I pray this helps, stay blessed. - Laurie
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