Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Benefits of working with a Life Coach

Why should you work a life coach? What will you get out of it? How does it work? There are a million questions you can ask about working with a life coach, so I have put together a little something that will give you a better idea of what working with a life coach can offer you and its benefits.


Coaching helps you remove limits you or other have set, breaking barriers and limitations helps you go farther, achieve more. These emotional or mental barriers placed by ourselves or others can hinder your progress or bring it to a halt all together.

Coaching helps you go pass mediocrity, helping you reach your highest potential in all areas, think quality over quantity, bringing you to a realization of not just what you want, but more of what you need to accomplish your goals.

Coaching helps you get back to you, throughout life we tend to be very pleasing to others, whether at work or at home, we make compromises and sacrifices and through these we tend to lose a lot of who we are. 

Coaching helps you get a different perspective on things such as relationships, family, home and career. This also helps in deciding What options are best for you. 

Coaching helps you look at all your options, so you stop repeating mistakes and wasting your valuable time, a Life Coach will bring options to the surface you probably haven't realized were available to you.

The bottom line is this, its your life. 
You determine what will continue and what won't.

If you are tired of spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere, then coaching is right for you. 

If you are tired of putting your goals on hold, then coaching is right for you.

If you want to make real changes that last, then coaching is right for you.

Many people have worked with coaches for many different reasons, but always the same desire, to reach the next level, from athletes, politicians, artists and T.V personalities, Executives as well as many regular everyday people have all had successful results by working with a coach, why not you?

Reaching out for help isn't a sign of weakness, but rather a sign that you are ready to go farther, accomplish more, that you are ready for the next level.

I hoped this helped, Stay blessed. - Laurie


Sunday, March 13, 2016

How to take your life back and stop the cycle of defeat.


You are a spirit
You have a mind/soul
You have a body

Your main focus should be what you are, but we as people are sight creatures,
we tend to base things (situations, circumstances, etc.) on what we see, followed by what we feel, then what we know.

When in reality we were created to first know, feel and then see.

The righteous (the saved) shall live by faith. - The Bible.
We (the saved) walk by faith, not by sight. - The Bible.

We were created to have dominion on earth, to subdue it, to have complete authority over everything here on earth.

In His image we were created. - The Bible.

We weren’t meant to live lives of hurt, pain, loss, lack, anxiety, stress, doubt, fear or anything negative for that matter.
If there is any form of fear or confusion, then it has nothing to do with God or his will for you, or your life.

He didn’t give us the spirit of confusion, but of sound mind. - The Bible.

How to take your life back and stop the cycle of defeat.

Every day we get attacked by worries, fears, stresses, anxieties, pain and hurt, and that is all before our feet hit the floor in the morning.

And we go through this everyday, all day, for as long as we have been alive, but our spirit, our true selves, often gets pushed aside and or silenced. 

This is where self doubt, questioning ourselves, second guessing ourselves comes in, and this is where we get feelings of stress, anxiety and worry from, this can go so deep it can show up as a form of depression.

These things can not only slow your progress down in life, it can also, put it on hold.
You make think your making progress, constantly moving, in constant motion, but your on a tread mill and nothing is changing, you aren’t seeing the progress, you feel or know you should be seeing.

Its meant to discourage you so much that you start feeling hopeless, you stop feeling motivated, you don’t even feel like you anymore and life has become a form of existence and resembles nothing of what you envisioned. 

Do you think that dream or goal was placed in your heart for no reason?
Well, I am sorry to inform you, but you, my friend are not that good.

Every good idea comes from inspiration of God.

All good gifts are from God. - The Bible.

These goals, dreams you have are glimpses of what God wants to give you.

Joseph and Jacob both saw dreams or visions.

We are called to live a life of abundance, prosperity, joy, peace and love.
We were created to be more than conquerors, not just get by and accept what ever life throws at us.

We have divine authority and rights as children of God.

but what good is all of this authority if you don’t know how to access it?
Actually, Its not. 

It just lays dormant and useless. until, well thats up to you.

Are you tired of struggling, while watching life pass you by?
Are you talking yourself down instead of up?
Are you not happy or satisfied with situations or circumstances in your life?
Are you experiencing worries, doubts and stresses?
Are you losing sight of your dreams?
Are you tired of just, being tired?

Then now is the perfect time for you to start taking back control over your life.
Stop the cycle of defeat and move forward into all the abundance that God has promised you

Jesus came to give us a life of abundance. - The Bible.


I hope this inspires, uplifts and restores hope where it has been lost.
I pray you find the peace and wisdom needed to navigate this life.
I hope and pray you never forget that you were graced for life.

It is my mission and my personal goal to help as many people as possible
to know, understand and operate in the authority that we were all given,
in Jesus name, Amen.

If you are interested in finding out more on
Assuming your authority, taking the next step.
Please feel free to leave me comment or a short message.
- Laurie

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